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February 2009

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Thesis Builder :: TubePrompter-

TubePrompter Carrying on in the theme of "Builder" Tools and scaffolding higher order thinking, this month's new addition is the TubePrompter, an interactive page to facilitate "Learning 2 Look" activities using the wild richness of YouTube. Besides eliminating all the distractions inherent in the YouTube site, TubePrompter also offers ten different scaffolds to help groups of students learn through close looking. Simply copy the "embed" code for a YouTube video and paste it into TubePrompter, then click the "Learn 2 Look" button to open a new window with your chosen video embedded and a raft of prompts designed to inspire student thinking.

See the newly updated Web site:

Contemporary Teaching Skills

Above is an emerging vision of how to define and support teachers as they develop their "Contemporary Teaching" (and Learning!) skills.  The term comes from MCEETYA, which does a good job of describing what others have called "21st Century" or "ICT" teaching skills.

My goal in developing this Contemporary Teaching Skills checklist is to outline a continuum of skills for all teachers. In other words, level 1 is where all teachers can and should be. Levels 2 and 3 identify ways these skills can be developed.

The checklist is not definitive - on the contrary, I attempted to identify "the least someone needs to know" in order to enjoy success at integrating technology. There are a million other great things to do and explore, but the 21st Century isn't getting any younger... Finally, this is why I've opted for the current terminology of "Contemporary" teaching skills. There's nothing Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon about this stuff - video, animation, podcasts, blogging, Thinking Routines and personalized learning are just the paper and pencils of today.

So... Could you please, either send me an email, forward a comment or have at this page with Diigo. My main interests in feedback are twofold: 1) Is anything you see as a "core" skill left off - something people can't succeed without knowing, and 2) Is there an area that can just as well be left off?

Tom March Presents...-

NECC: Spotlight Session

WebQuests 2.0: A Richer Web Improves a Good Idea
WebQuests were pretty cool a decade ago, but see what happens when you unfold today's WebQuest with video podcasts, social information networking, and collaboration tools.
- Day: Tuesday, 6/30/2009
- Time: 3:30pm–4:30pm

Friendly Pitch

Between now and April, I need to schedule at least a couple workshops / presentations on either side of NECC - June 22 - July 2. Please contact me ASAP if your school, district or association is interested in booking me for a one-day or multi-day session. First-come, first served!

Tom March


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