You Choose

Copyright Agreement

Respecting Artists' Rights

Artists create because something inside of them needs to be expressed. Through their great ability and insight, they share their gift with us. But artists (and their families) need to eat, pay bills, educate their children, etc. just like everyone else. By respecting that the artists are sharing, not giving, their artwork, we show that we appreciate their efforts.

Sometimes organizations make the artists' works available for public viewing. Again, this is a sharing, not a giving.

Please respect the contributions the artists and organizations make to share this creativity. The artworks for You Choose come from The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

They have kindly allowed Eyes on Art to use these images provided that all users read and understand this © Copyright Agreement before doing the "You Choose" activity. Please read and understand this agreement, then close the pop-up browser and begin the activity.

In addition, we've only scratched the surface of what's available at The Thinker. With over 75,000 (and growing!) images online, The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco is one of the best examples of how the Web can be used by those who love art. Please explore the imagebase and see what else this fine resource has to offer you.

December 1995.
Last revised February, 2014
By Tom March, tom at ozline dot com