No Fear o' Eras

What to Do

The idea behind No Fear o' Eras is to discover some of the key features, aspects, traits, or characterisitics that make up the style of certain artistic eras. You will get to look at three examples from some main eras to see if you can discover what the painters did in common that give a similar look or style to each grouping of three.

Please note: The paintings in each era represent a wide range of styles that may not technically be from that era, but fit into the general timeframe and spirit of the times, especially in the context of the preceding and following eras. This activity is primarily designed to engage critical thinking and analysis of how the painters used the elements of design to communicate a shared goal.

If you like, you may read a more complete description of the ideas behind this activity.

Let's Get Started!

Look through the eras below. Pick one you'd like to explore by clicking on that era's title. Then follow the instructions on the new page.

Byzantine Era

The Renaissance

The Dutch School




Abstract Expressionism

note: Permission to link to the images in No Fear o' Eras was granted by The National Gallery of Art. You will not be able to see the pictures unless you are connected to the Internet.

First Posted December 1995.
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