Teacher's Guide

Choice Arts Sites on the Web

Web sites used with Permission for Eyes on Art Activities

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Imagebase
You Choose, ArtSpeak 101, and Double Visions

National Gallery of Art in Washington DC
No Fear o' Eras

The Museum of Modern Art
ArtSpeak 101

Mark Harden's Artchive
Eyes on Art Quiz

Outstanding Online Arts Education

@rt Room
a virtual learning environment from Craig Roland

The Incredible Art Department
resources for the classroom teacher

The Use of Visual Information in Art
tutorials on how sight works with art

Art Studio Chalkboard
a tutorial Web site on the fundamentals of perspective, shading, and color

Scope & Sequence
a guide for learning and teaching in art from The Getty Center for Education in the Arts

Collector's Guide
defines artistic styles

The Museum of Bad Art
some people didn't even want it in their garage...

Rich Art Resources on the Internet

The WebMuseum
Bienvenue! from the grandpere of virtual museums

from The Getty Center for Education in the Arts

from the Kennedy Center and the National Endowment

Art History Resources on the Web
hotlist maintained by Dr Christopher Witcombe, Professor of Art History

The Greatest Painters on the Web
from Gerd Marstedt, Bremen, Germany

Eyes on Art is dedicated to the life and art of Michael John March

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