Your True View
What to Do?

  1. Browse through the online gallery until you find an image that interests you.

  2. If there is a larger version of the image available, go to it.

  3. If this is the image you want to look at and critique, then do so. You can use a new set of questions that might help you to see better.

  4. Flip back and forth between the browser window for Eyes on Art and the one for the gallery whose image you're looking at. This way you can look at the images and type your ideas into the text field on this page.

  5. When you are ready to post your ideas, you'll need to do one more thing: get the location (URL) of the image.

    Netscape Navigator / Communicator
    If you are using a Netscape browser, this is easy. Just hold the mouse button down until a little window pops up. Look for the line that says something like "copy this image location." Slide down to that line and release the mouse button. Then flip back to the Eyes on Art browswer window, click in the URL field above the writing area and then do an Edit - Paste from the menubar.

    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    If you are using a Microsoft browser, you will have to open the image (again by clicking in the image while holding the mouse button down). This time select something like "Open image in new window." Then you'll have to look up in the location line and drag across the URL. URL - Location line
    Go back to the Eyes on Art browser and paste the URL into the URL field above the writing area.

  6. When you've typed in your True View and pasted in the URL of the image, you're ready to click the "Here's my True View" button.

  7. Remember, your new pop-up page isn't saved anywhere.

First Posted December 1995.
Last revised February, 2014
By Tom March, tom at ozline dot com