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Basic Instructions
If you're new to this activity the best thing is to first read the instructions. Basically what you'll do in Your True View is explore current artworks posted on the Web. None of them are yet "certified masterpieces," so you get to decide. These are paintings by real living people. Some of them are considered important artists while others might be amateurs (people who do something for the love of it). If you were (and you are) an experienced art critic, how would you interpret the quality of an "unknown" work of art?

The Online Galleries
Choose one of these online galleries to look through for the one work you want to give Your True View about. Although we've chosen links appropriate to secondary students, understand that occasionally a mature theme may slip into these galleries.

Taos Fine Art
Local artists show their work and often give an artist's statement.

Saatchi's - Original Oils
Contemporary art for sale's 300 Most Popular Artists Index
A huge (and unfiltered) list of artists.

ROGallery - Selected Unknown Artists
Another huge (and unfiltered) list of artists.

Art Express - Selected Student Works from 2013 HSC
from the Art Gallery NSW

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    Use everything you know and see to offer Your True View on the image you selected form the galleries above. Type your View in the writing area below. Also, there's a feedback rubric you and others can use to evaluate your work.


First Posted December 1995
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